Second-track reintegration programs

In case of long-term (partial) disability of an employee both the employer and the employee are required to take several mandatory steps within the prescribed time frame. This includes the first-track reintegration program, and if applicable a second-track reintegration program. These steps are laid down in the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act (in Dutch: Wet Verbetering Poortwachter). If the regulations are not followed timely and/or correctly, this can have substantial financial consequences for both the employer and employee.

As soon as it is established that there are no possibilities to return to the original position or a different suitable position within your organization (first-track reintegration), you are required to start a second-track reintegration program. The second-track program should start no later than 58 weeks after the first sick day. The second-track reintegration program focuses on finding a sustainable and suitable job at another employer.

With Re-integratieSupport you’ll have a partner who will give optimal attention and time to every second-track program. The desired goal is a sustainable job that fits the employee. Re-integratieSupport provides individual one-on-one programs, tailored to the specific situation and profile of the employee. During the entire program the employee is guided by the same coach. The legal obligations will be monitored continuously.

If your employee is already more than 58 weeks on sick leave and there are no internal possibilities to return while you didn’t start a second-track reintegration program yet, do not hesitate and contact us. Together we can prevent (additional) financial damage and offer the employee optimal support.




Long-term disability requires major adjustment from everyone involved. Moreover, having to leave the current employer adds to the impact on the employee. Re-integratieSupport responds to this situation by offering the employee both practical support and guidance towards a new future.